AltaPay Python SDK

This is an unofficial Python SDK for AltaPay (formerly Pensio), The SDK is maintained by,

The AltaPay Python SDK attempts to consume the AltaPay API in a clean and Pythonic way, without getting in your way. As a result, you will often find yourself thinking that the API is similar, but has been changed ever so slightly to make it easier for you to use.

As a simple example, once you have your API credentials and a terminal, it is very easy to create a payment in the test environment and get a redirect URL to the payment page.

>>> from altapay import API, Payment
>>> api = API(mode='test', account='login', password='password')
>>> payment = Payment(api=api)
>>> payment.create('Test Terminal', 1234567, 13.95, 'EUR')
>>> payment.success
>>> print(payment.url)

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